What is a physical fanlisting?


A physical fanlisting is a listing dedicated to a particular characteristic of a celebrity, character or an animal and that you think is a good physical quality, like hair, eyes, voice or style by mentioning some.




This is the fanlisting for the physical appearance of Harry Potter, the principal character of the Harry Potter Movies played by Daniel Radcliffe.


Now if you are fan of Harry's physical, take a code and join us!!!



Harry Potter


Harry James Potter is the main chracter in the Harry Potter Movies. Son of James and Lily Potter and best friend of Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.


Physically he's skinny, with black hair and green eyes, orphan and hero of the stories. In his birthday number 11 discover that he's a wizard and received an invitation to be part of Hogwarts School of Wichcraft and Wizardry. In Hogwarts Harry meets with new people who became in his best friends as Ron and Hermione, also knows to Lord Voldemort who is responsible for the death of his parents.

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