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Updates + Affiliates

Finally I’ve added the updates script in this fanlisting, sorry for all the annoyances. I’ve also added 2 affiliates recently.

Posted on May 15 , 2007.

finale Fanlisting OPEN!!

Finally, here’s my newest fanlisting, dedicated to the song finale by L’Arc~en~Ciel.

I’ve named it Point of Madness, visit the site and if you are a fan like me submit your info to be added.

Posted on April 28 , 2007.

Adopted—Web Directories/Listings

Hi everyone, I’m glad to present you the new Devotions’s member, the Web Directories/Listings fanlisting.

I’ve adopted this fanlistings from Kryz; thanks girl.

Posted on March 30 , 2007.

New Fanlisting Open

This is the fanlisting for JoJo’s Too Little Too Late, I love the song and now the fanlisting is finally online. Enjoy it!!

Posted on March 15 , 2007.

New Affiliate

I’ve added a new affiliates to the collective, Simply Irresistible ^^.

Posted on February 16 , 2007.