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New fanlisting UP!

I’ve opened a new fanlisting, this time is the Peter Petrelli Physical Fanlisting. One of the principal characters from the TV Show Heroes.

Please visit the site and if you like the Peter’s appearance join us!!!

See ya.

Posted on October 02 , 2007.

Approved Peter Petrelli Physical Fanlisting

OMG!!!, I got it!!!

The staff of Physical Fanlistings Network, has approved to me the Peter Petrelli Physical fanlisting and I’m so happy. I’ll start to work on it now and I hope to finish it this weekend.

Come back soon to watch the result. BYE.

Posted on September 11 , 2007.

New Affiliate

I’ve added a new affiliate, the fanlisting is Tease dedicated to the facial expressions of Hyde, thanks Rosemary ^^.

Posted on July 02 , 2007.


OMG!!! finally I have changed the collective’s layout. I have to say that I love this one, Emma Watson looks really beautiful, I hope you like ir too. I have new link me codes, so if you want to update yours go ahead!. This is all by the moment, see ya.

Posted on June 30 , 2007.


This is the new member of Devotion Collective the fanlistings for the song STAY AWAY by L’Arc~en~Ciel.

I’ve adopted this fanlisting from Chu.

Posted on June 11 , 2007.