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Still Active

The fanlisting still active, but no new members have joined recently. If you need to update your information, please let me know.

Posted on January 07 , 2008.

Maps fanlisting Open!

The Maps fanlisting is open, feel free to visit the site and join us if you are a fan.

The url is http://fan.inspired-colors.org/maps/

Posted on January 03 , 2008.

December Boys Fanlisting

Finally open!! the approved fanlisting for December Boys, starring by Daniel Radcliffe.

I became a December Boys’s fan when I saw it. Is a beautiful movie full of friendship and love.

Feel free to look around. THIS WAY

Posted on December 17 , 2007.

Still Active

This is a short note to communicate that Gravity is still active, I don’t have pending members but if you want to join us, just click here.

Posted on December 02 , 2007.

Hugh Jackman Physical Fanlisting

Hello my friends!!!, this is a very special day for me, first of all I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!, I love you so much and you make my day every day.

Second of all, I want to thanks to Lisa for letting me to adopt the Hugh Jackman’s Physical fanlisting which is online now on http://fan.inspired-colors.org/jackman.

Take a look around and if you like Hugh as much as I, please feel free to join us.


Posted on November 25 , 2007.